Stacey Swimme

Innovative Thinking On The Sex Industry & Social Justice

For Sex Workers

There are many times in a sex worker’s life when it might be helpful to get expert guidance or advice from a peer. I am available for consultations on a number of topics for sex workers and their loved ones:

Coming out/Discovery: Sex workers often ask me for advice about dating and coming out to family members. I’ve also spent time talking to partners and family members of sex workers after they’ve discovered that their loved one works in the sex industry. Whatever the circumstance, I can be a sympathetic ear and support you in seeking out information or resources that make this a healthy and healing process for you.

Pregnancy/Family Planning: I am a trained birth and postpartum doula. I have navigated the thrills and challenges of pregnancy and childbirth as a sex worker. Sex workers deserve to have whole and fulfilling families just like anybody else, yet we and our families are often shunned as a result of stigma and misinformation. I can assist you in exploring your prenatal and birth options and help you plan for what life will look like after baby arrives.

Advocacy Training: I have spent more than a decade building skills for activism. Sex workers need tools and inspiration to forge ahead in our battle for rights. I’ve mentored several activists over the years and I take great joy in helping sex workers grow into powerful agents for change.

For Organizations: I’ve worked at or built several non-profits working for social justice. I am skilled at discussing misunderstood communities or promoting controversial causes. From logistical support to communications and development, I can assist your organization in reaching your goals.

For a free 20 minute phone consultation, please fill in the contact form below. After I receive your information, I will email you to confirm a call time. My time is limited, I only take 1-2 free consultations each week. If you feel that you’ll need more time or if you have an urgent matter to discuss, please contact me to book a meeting.


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