Stacey Swimme

Innovative Thinking On The Sex Industry & Social Justice


Stacey is available for media interviews, college presentations and in-service trainings. She has presented at UC Davis, the University of Hawaii, Pima Community College and other institutions. Stacey has given in-service trainings at hospitals, domestic violence prevention centers and presented at numerous conferences.  Please contact her for booking details.


October 19th 2012, 2:30pm

Sex Worker Symposium: “Building Bridges in the Sex Industry”


Johns Wrote Threatening Notes about Murder Victim Aired April 18, 2011 on HLN’s Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell (video transcript)

Sex Worker Fears After Killings Aired April 15, 2011 CNN’s Susan Candiotti talks with sex workers about women apparently targeted in Long Island.

Craigslist CENSORS Adult Services Aired September 7, 2010 on RT’s The Alyona Show


August 23, 2012 Porn Star Radio Taboo Fetish Talk

March 15, 2012 The Pacifica Evening News Sex Workers Decry L.A. Prostitution Sting

May 2011 FemiFist Stacey Swimme’s POV on pregnancy, sex work, privacy and more

April 13, 2011 WNYC News Reluctant to Turn to Authorities, Sex Workers Attempt to Safeguard Against Crime


August 30, 2012 Think Progress Meet Dixie: The Stripper Who Entertains GOP Convention Delegates But Fears What They Will Do To Her Health Care

March 13, 2012 L.A. Activist Sex worker advocates picnic for rights

February 03, 2012 Role Reboot Sex Trafficking And The Super Bowl: Penalties Of A Media Blitz

November 10, 2011 Feminisnt Photos from the SWAAY sex workers’ rights mobile billboard

May 11, 2011 Women in the Media How Sex Workers are Portrayed in the Media

November 8, 2010 AlterNet FBI Busts Consenting Adults for Having Sex — Don’t They Have Anything Better to Do?

December 18, 2008 The Daily Beast (News Week) What Sex Workers Want

November 7, 2008 Riverfront Times Cops Pimp Slap Craigslist on ‘Erotic Services’ Listings

June 4, 2008 Riverfront Times OldestProfession2.0: A new generation of local “providers” and “hobbyists” create a virtual red-light district

January 13, 2008 AlterNet Sex Work 2.0


May 7, 2007 ABC News Should Police Ignore High-End Prostitution?

July 06, 2006 Tucson Weekly Risky Business: Arizona stiffens prostitution penalties as the debate over the world’s oldest profession continues

June 24, 2004 SFGate BERKELEY / Voters to decide on leniency for prostitutes, customers

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