Stacey Swimme

Innovative Thinking On The Sex Industry & Social Justice

About Stacey

Stacey Swimme draws her expertise on the sex industry from more than fourteen years of working in the industry and over a decade of political advocacy for sex workers. She’s co-founded two major advocacy organizations in the US and has worked in development and communications at the nation’s only health clinic for sex workers. Stacey is a formidable spokesperson for the industry and has been featured in several prime time television and radio interviews as well as in print and Internet outlets. With fearless honesty, Stacey discusses her experiences working in all aspects of the adult industries to help illuminate the hidden truths so often masked by fear and stigma.

Her innovative approach to community organizing has helped expand a nationwide network of thousands of sex workers and advocates who believe in a rights-based approach to policy making. Stacey utilizes horizontal organizing principles that have empowered sex workers to be the leaders in the movement toward civil, labor and human rights.

In addition to policy advocacy and community organizing, Stacey works with sex workers and their families to overcome the legal and social hurdles inherent to those who work in criminalized and marginalized professions. Her upcoming book, “When Someone You Love Is A Sex Worker” is expected to be released in 2013.

“I believe that with courage and conviction, sex workers can enlist the support of compassionate family, friends and allies to challenge unwarranted discrimination and put an end to policies that are negatively impacting our lives. Sex workers are valuable members of our communities with much to contribute toward resolving common problems facing our economy and our environment. The United States will be a healthier, more prosperous nation when sex work is recognized as legitimate labor and those working in the industry are granted the full rights and responsibilities enjoyed by people in any other profession.”


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