Stacey Swimme

Innovative Thinking On The Sex Industry & Social Justice

How Commercial Interests Drive Trafficking Misinformation (3 of 6)

Excerpted from a post I contributed at Sex In The Public Square on February 25th, 2008.

The Media Always Win in the End

The ‘other’ is so sexy. The media love it. Combine the ‘other’ with ‘sex’ with ‘bondage’ … if it bleeds it leads. Throw in helpless foreigners ~mostly under-aged~ who are chained to beds so that some can profit in figures of billions and, well, you’ve got yourself an on-going porno series that is seeing higher profits than even the top-rated AVN Award winners. It’s an opiate for the masses, we get off on it—then we run out to the mall to purchase clothes made by the people who actually are enslaved.

Our comfortable lives require that we are not burdened by the reality of people dying in the desert in order to make it across the border to pick our produce, build our tract homes and clean our hotel rooms. We are so transfixed on the salacious media coverage of the huge sex trafficking pornography splashed across the newspapers almost daily that we cannot see past our own demand for immediate consumerist gratification to evaluate the real issues.

Smoke and mirrors…. every consumer element of our lives from food to clothing to housing is dependent on cheap labor and the actual trafficking that does exist is driven by those markets- not by sex work. But sexual slavery sells more advertising units than farm, construction, or domestic slavery…


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